Flexible Subscription Box Builder

Create an account in seconds and set up subscription boxes immediately. Sell User Choice boxes or Curate boxes on behalf of your customers.

Grow subscription sales by offering flexible options


Build User Choice or Curated boxes with quantity and frequency variations


Publish your boxes to your store and start selling subscriptions immediately


Track the growth of your subscription boxes and manage your subscribers


Offer memberships with tiered pricing to convert more subscribers and reward loyalty

Subscription Boxes

Increase lifetime value and drive loyalty

Create a unique subscription experience by offering multiple products either as a Curated offering or allow your customers to select their own products and modify them before each shipment

  • User Choice and Curated Subscription Boxes
  • Create tiered memberships with quantity and frequency options
  • Publish your boxes immediately to your website

Integrated platform

Subscription Management

Mypik integrates with Woocommerce syncing single products used to build Curated or User Choice boxes. Sell boxes directly from your website and fulfil orders alongside your eCommerce orders and pass the order data to your favourite commerce platform

  • Easy subscription order management
  • Manage subscribers from the dashboard
  • Auto update expired credit cards


Increase Engagement

Subscribers can manage all aspects of their subscription, making sure they have the right amount of product at any time. If they have too much, they can change products, downgrade (or upgrade) without being forced to cancel - reducing churn

  • Prevent cancellation with delivery dates controlled by subscribers
  • Subscribers optmise their subscription intake by upgrading, downgrading or switching box options
  • Subscribers can modify products when subscribed to User Choice boxes

Perfect for all types of DTC retailers

Join the growing number of DTC retailers leveraging Mypik to increase conversions, grow sales and build recurring revenue