Seamlessly integrate Mypik with other platforms.

Integrate Mypik to connect all the other parts of your business. New Integrations Coming Soon.

WooCommerce Memberships

Mypik directly integrates with WooCommerce Memberships so you can sell membership access. The WooCommerce tools allow admin to set membership tiers based on the final pack variations to:

  • Include access to member-only content and products
  • Set pricing for non-subscription purchases based on a membership plan
  • Drip feed content


Mypik is connected to Zapier to allow the integration of a range of widely used apps.
Use the following triggers to pass data for email communication, user management and

  • Subscription before renewal
  • Subscription payment complete
  • Subscription payment failed
  • Subscription status changed

More Integrations Coming Soon

As Mypik launches and grows, so will our integrations list. Have an integration you want? We'll be creating a community page so you can suggest and vote for new features and integrations. The below integrations are at the top of our roadmap however, you can connect to them via Zapier.