More Features

More features to convert, manage, understand, and retain your loyal subscribers.


Use the Mypik reports to see subscription growth rates, churn rates, average spend, and more

Replace Product

A simple tool to replace out of stock or end of range products with admin nominated products


Integrate with Zapier or Woocommerce Memberships. More integrations launching soon.


Quickly view the growth and churn rates of your subscribers as well as the top performers. More reporting features coming soon including reasons why subscribers are canceling to create voluntary churn strategies, subscription forecasting, top performing packs and variations and a long list of more reporting tools.

  • View growth and churn rates as well as average revenue per subscriber
  • Analyse top performing subscribers
  • Compare eCommerce sales and subscription growth rates

Product Replace Tool

This tool has a specific purpose to switch out products that are no longer in stock or available for new products. New products that may have an increase in price, will update all subscriptions that contains the new product. An example use is if you run a wine eCommerce store and you have a new vintage rollover of the same SKU.

  • Quickly upload a new product to your eCommerce store then add it to exisiting packs
  • Search the old product and find all the subscriptions, then search the new product and sync all the subscriptions.

Check out more of MyPik’s great features

Pack and Sign-Up Page

Intuitive tools to help you create packs, their quantity and frequency variations, and the Sign-Up page to convert more subscribers.

check-iconCreate Custom and Fixed Pack Types
check-iconApply Quantity and Frequency variations
check-iconPublish the sign-up page to your website

Payment Management

Mypik Payment Management tools do the heavy lifting for you. Mypik automates payments, allows subscribers and admin to manage credit cards and auto-updates expired cards.

check-iconAutomatic Payments
check-iconManage credit cards and next payment dates
check-iconAutomatically updates expired credit cards

Subscriber Management

Allow subscribers to self manage. Subscribers can optimise their journey by switching products, upgrading or downgrading options or managing their next payment and delivery dates.

check-iconSwitch between packs
check-iconChange products before each shipment
check-iconUpgrade or downgrade pack options