Pack Creation and Sign Up page tools

Intuitive tools to help you create packs, their quantity and frequency variations, and the Sign-Up page to convert more subscribers

Pack Types

Create Fixed Packs with select products for your subscribers, or allow subscriber so choose their own from all, or a selection of your stores products


Based on the Fixed or Custom pack types created, assign quantity and frequency of delivery options such as 6 products every 3 months or 24 products every 6 months


Assign discounts based on the variations you set. Create global discounts or discounts based on the number of units or the frequency of delivery your customers order

Shipping Rules

Apply different shipping rates based on end variations such as free shipping for subscribers who subscribe to the maximum quantity and frequency option

Catalogue of Products

Set the products available for your customers to choose from or simply add all products from your store. Adding new products to your eCommerce store will automatically sync to Mypik

Seamless integration with your website

Embed both the signup and the your customer’s account management directly into your existing website.

Pack Builder Wizard

The Mypik Builder Wizard provides simple steps to create the core elements of the pack you are setting up, such as Custom or Fixed Pack, The Quantity and Frequency options. Once the core elements of the pack have been created, next is to use the Pack Builder tool to fill in the details including the customisable icons for the Sign-Up page.

  • Create new packs in minutes, setting the core elements of your pack
  • Create Custom packs for User Choice Subscriptions, or Fixed packs that are curated for your subscribers
  • Set shipping rates, quantity options, frequency options and products included in your pack offering

Configuring pack options

Once the Wizard steps are complete, the Pack Builder allows you to configure the Settings and the Styles. Each block has a Settings Tab to set the parameters for quantity, frequencies, discounts, and integrations. Use the Styles tab to upload your personalised icons and set the labels for each step of the Sign-Up process.

  • Customise icons and labels for a unique Sign-Up experience
  • Set the specific quantity and frequency options and add more or remove based on subscriber feedback
  • Apply discounts to immediately reward subscribers for committing to your packs

Publishing to your website

Once the pack set up has been saved and published, add the Mypik Shortcode (WordPress Only) to any page on your website. Mypik also creates a Pack Sign-Up page that you can add to your Websites Menu.

  • Create as many packs as you like and publish them alongside exisiting packs
  • Increase subscriber conversion rates through the intuitive Sign-Up steps and allow subscribers to customise their journey
  • Convert new subscribers from within your website with the Sign-Up page puling in your styles and fonts

Check out more of Mypik’s great features

Payment Management

Mypik Payment Management tools do the heavy lifting for you. Mypik automates payments, allows subscribers and admin to manage credit cards and auto-updates expired cards.

check-iconAutomatic Payments
check-iconManage credit cards and next payment dates
check-iconAutomatically updates expired credit cards

Subscriber Management

Allow subscribers to self manage. Subscribers can optimise their journey by switching products, upgrading or downgrading options or managing their next payment and delivery dates.

check-iconSwitch between packs
check-iconChange products before each shipment
check-iconUpgrade or downgrade pack options

More Features to Convert

More features to convert, manage, understand, and retain your loyal subscribers. View metrics to recognise how your subscription program is progressing to make strategic decisions.

check-iconSubscription metrics
check-iconReporting metrics
check-iconProduct replace tool