Our standard and enterprise plans give you access to the build-a-box subscription platform you can rely on.


Everything to get started

$79usd per month + 1% per transaction

Up to $100,000 in MRR*

  • Standard Mypik features
  • Standard Integrations
  • Cracking support


For enterprise businesses

Contact our sales team to learn more

Over $100,000 in MRR*

  • Priority support
  • Scaling pricing
  • Access to Mypik experts

Please register your interest for Mypik. We are currently launching beta with a select number of clients.

Frequently asked questions

How does pricing work?

Mypik is $79 per month plus 1% on all subscription transactions. This does not include your stores standard eCommerce orders as these transact through a different payment gateway

Are there any payment gateway fees?

Yes, Mypik uses Stripe as a payment processor which includes Stripe’s processing fees. Please check Stripe for your countries fee structure.

How do I qualify for Mypik Enterprise?

Stores that process $100k in Monthly Recurring Revenue or higher are eligible for Mypik Enterprise. Contact us through the form on this web page.

Is there a contract whilst using Mypik?

There is no contract for the usage of Mypik. Payments are month to month and you can cancel anytime.


Does Mypik work on any other eCommerce platforms?

Currently, Mypik is launching on Woocommerce. 2021 we will release our Shopify version as well as Big Commerce. If you have a specific eCommerce platform, you can make a suggestion and vote for it in our features roadmap (coming soon).